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Family Oriented REALTORS® in Toronto for Home AND Community


If you’re looking for a new Toronto home where your family can make memories, you’ll definitely want to enlist the help of a family oriented REALTOR®. What is a "family oriented” REALTOR®? You’ll know one when you meet one! A family oriented real estate broker is one who understands the types of challenges today’s family’s face, and the kinds of space a family needs to grow and thrive. They approach homes with an eye that sees not only how the house will support the family’s current needs, but how it can support them as those needs change. A family oriented REALTOR® sees not only the home but the neighbourhood amenities, and asks questions like: How close is the nearest elementary school/high school? Are there parks for running and playing nearby? Is there a community hub such as a recreation centre, or a library within walking distance? Is the area safe? Is the traffic noisy or dangerous? Are there any health hazards to be aware of? Are there trees or wild spaces in the vicinity?


A family oriented REALTOR® may have children of his/her own, or not. Being family oriented only requires that a real estate broker knows and respects the needs of 21st century families, and is able to see prospective homes through that lens.


Making Ends Meet


Before going to view properties, it’s a good idea to calculate the amount of mortgage that your family will be able to secure. There are some good tools online, including the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s "Is Home Ownership Right for You?” interactive site. You can follow up online explorations with an appointment at your financial institution.


However, if you don’t have the kind of cash flow that will allow you to put a down payment on a million-dollar property in Toronto proper, you may want to keep an open mind about other locations in the GTA. You may well find that relocating to Brampton, for example, will allow you to purchase a much larger and more luxurious home in a family-friendly neighbourhood. With GO Transit and ready access to the area’s major highways, you may have a simple commute to work. Many people with young families have found it to their advantage to look outside the downtown core. Rather than being stretched to the limit with mortgage payments, these families have been able to buy a comfortable home, but still have disposable income available to take unforgettable family holidays, to buy state of the art electronics, or to afford regular trips to visit Grandma and Grandpa.


Where to Begin


Once you ascertain the upper limit of your pre-approved mortgage, do a little online sleuthing. Look at listings to see what your mortgage will purchase downtown, then check listings in locations such as Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, or Aurora and contrast and compare. It may be that you will opt to remain in Toronto in a condo or modest home. Or it may be that you will begin exploring new horizons.


Decide what works for your family, and then find a broker who will help you to search for just the right home, in just the right neighbourhood.